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About is a responsive e-learning portal that connects development professionals, teachers, youth and others working to improve their lives and communities around the world to high-quality online and mobile content for organizational and individual development, career improvement and lifelong learning.'s process of user group identification and needs analysis, and development of relevant localized and contextualized content, allows for targeted solutions to well-defined populations for effective human and institutional capacity development.

Understanding the need

Around the world, learning is increasingly online or blended (part in-person, part virtual). Whether it is formal education, life and job-skills training or professional or personal development, people around the world seek timely, high-quality learning to expand their knowledge and skills.

More and more, for reasons of economics, logistics, access or simply ease and familiarity of use – learners are getting their learning on the go, through computers and mobile devices. The need and hunger for learning and capacity development is great.

There are 58 million teachers globally who need to continuously update their skills – including skills for utilizing technology in their classrooms – and a worldwide need for another 10 to 35 million trained teachers. Around the world, 357 million youth are out-of-work or out-of school. And, a growing cadre of 1 to 2 million development assistance professionals are working to help bring the world's billion poorest out of poverty. The need is greater than ever to connect "people in development" to resources that can build their capacities.

Our approach provides organizations, communities of practice, professionals and youth in development with:

  • High-quality online and mobile courses with a Learning Management System
  • Social and professional networking for learning
  • Learning resources repository with manuals, articles and tools


These tools are localized and contextualized for specific projects and countries to maximize impact. With CreativeU, users learn through a bank of online courses, connect to other users around the world and find resources that help them gain skills, knowledge and career opportunities.